Limitations regarding webhooks/tests? Events not working?

I’m having problems testing webhooks.

First, the method I’m using is through a DDNS in a specific port, (kinda like 12345) so I don’t know if there are limitations regarding ports and specific domains ( for example). I also have a valid certificate.

I tried using the Test Hook option, I’m adding a random payload, and it fails.

However, I have received responses, so I’m sure it can work.

I’m currently using a sandbox account, but I also have access to a paid one (I created the sandbox because I don’t have full permissions on the main one, so I needed to have more access for doing things myself instead of trying to tell others what to do when I myself don’t know either.)

So is there a problem or limitation with the test hook?

Another problem I’m having is that, I’m creating Transactions (withdrawal/payout), but although I was getting a webhook during creation (one that did not in any way follow this structure Transaction Webhooks ), I wasn’t getting any update on failure (No funds for withdrawal, so I expected some return).

I don’t know if the event was supposed to be triggered and it failed on my webhook somehow, or if there really was no trigger, but then how do I get updates on transactions?

It seems that there are 2 different webhooks configurations, one on the notifications, and the other one in General.

On Sandbox, when I configured one, the other one seemed to have been configured too, but on my production setting, that doesn’t seem to have happened, as when the owner noticed this 2nd option, he registered my webhook, and I started getting the correct calls.

However, doing the same thing in sandbox in sending me nothing, and I would really like it to work for me to test signing verification, as the public key is readily available for tests