Sandbox webhook not sending Transaction event logs

I was doing some tests with webhook in sandbox environment. I was receiving the event logs for logins, got event logs once or twice for incoming crypto transactions. But this is not being persistent. I have recently sent some Amoy matic & Sepolia Eth to a vault account 5,0xC0B6c89Ae4A037d72DA702308B6E431e13F152E1 , But didn’t receive the event logs for those.

Resolved via direct interaction.

There are differences between what notifications are pushed to the webhook(s) registered under the “General” tab of the Workspace Settings vs. the webhook(s)/email/Slack registered under the “Notifications” tab.

Please do register under both.

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Just to add here:

Notifications in the settings of the workspace are mostly for audit log purposes.

Webhooks under the “General” tab should be used for event driven development and/or BE updates.