No webhook notifications for external transactions (sandbox)

Per documentation I created webhook notification to receive transaction events.

If I send ETH (holesky) to one of the wallets, transaction is shown within fireblock portal, but no webhook notification is sent.

Last test:
Fireblocks wallet: 0x31a9E8EA17657dfef27d83665042bD23Cf0a047F received 0.11ETH (holesky).
Got portal notification, but not webhook notification. Webhook notification logs are also empty.

Hey @alex,

I can see that some of the webhooks attempts from our end got a response of 500 from your server.

Having said that, I can see that some of the recent ones went through.
An example of a successful one at 24/03/2024 04:50:31.245 am GMT:

“message”: {
“tenantId”: “22a870ff-8d69-40e3-a62b-9d77e9dc1a40”,
“timestamp”: 1711248630934,
“data”: {
“id”: “aff48c40-a1c7-42a6-98a8-519e540f4c7d”,
“createdAt”: 1711248619018,
“lastUpdated”: 1711248619219,
“assetId”: “ETH_TEST6”,
“source”: {
“id”: “”,
“type”: “UNKNOWN”,
“name”: “External”,
“subType”: “”
“destination”: {
“id”: “1”,
“type”: “VAULT_ACCOUNT”,
“name”: “Account1”,
“subType”: “”
“amount”: 0.15,
“networkFee”: 0.000054836783232,
“netAmount”: 0.15,
“sourceAddress”: “0xfBA7328D19C8488202290A13179Fe8285E55f652”,
“destinationAddress”: “0x31a9E8EA17657dfef27d83665042bD23Cf0a047F”,
“destinationAddressDescription”: “”,
“destinationTag”: “”,
“status”: “COMPLETED”,
“txHash”: “0x23e5c792a6e79c329f8e0a3f5e9529762340ab436c16a36824547a13f8dd7e54”,
“subStatus”: “CONFIRMED”,
“signedBy”: ,
“createdBy”: “”,
“rejectedBy”: “”,
“amountUSD”: 0,
“addressType”: “”,
“note”: “”,
“exchangeTxId”: “”,
“requestedAmount”: 0.15,
“feeCurrency”: “ETH_TEST6”,
“operation”: “TRANSFER”,
“customerRefId”: null,
“numOfConfirmations”: 1,
“amountInfo”: {
“amount”: “0.15”,
“requestedAmount”: “0.15”,
“netAmount”: “0.15”,
“amountUSD”: null
“feeInfo”: {
“networkFee”: “0.000054836783232”,
“gasPrice”: “2.611275392”
“destinations”: ,
“externalTxId”: null,
“blockInfo”: {
“blockHeight”: “1203924”,
“blockHash”: “0xb065f7f9ed2faeca9b3820cde57f05282df90a89f773b54555a9cf481df4fe35”
“signedMessages”: ,
“index”: 0,
“assetType”: “BASE_ASSET”
“apiVersion”: “1.4.0”,
“url”: “”,
“type”: “WEB_HOOK”,
“tenantId”: “22a870ff-8d69-40e3-a62b-9d77e9dc1a40”,
“timestamp”: 1711248630938

Tested today - it’s working, but there are few observations/issues:

  • Setting > Notifications > Webhooks > created webhook still shows 0 invocations and no logs.
  • Setting > General > Webhooks - no configuration to filter events (but it looks like event filtering is taken from Notification tab since I’m not receiving any other events).
  • Transaction events came with delay:
    Etherscan timestamp: 12:36:24 PM (completion time)
    Webhook 1: 12:37:06 PM (CONFIRMING)
    Webhook 2: 12:37:07 PM (COMPLETED)
    Both events received at the same time and after full completion. Expectation: first event should come once transaction is submitted and is not confirmed yet.

Please clarify how and where webhooks should be configured. Additionally, what is “normal” or expected delivery delay for webhook events?