Is it possible to change the 6-digit password after created?

After initializing the Fireblocks SDK on the ncw web demo, and generating the MPC Keys using a 6-digit password, is it possible to change this password without having to clear storage or dispose?

Hey @marcio.rocha , just to verify - are you referring to the password you are entering when generating the keys, and later on - signing transactions?

If so, it’s not possible to change it without clearing the storage, but that’s just how we implemented it in our simple web demo. It could be technically possible to embed such an option, if needed be.

May you clarify why would you like to change it, as the motive behind this is more interesting?

Hi @janlev,

Yes, I’m referring to the password I enter when generating the keys and signing transactions.

Yeah, I wanted to know if I could change it because I’m trying to reduce the steps on onboarding by automatically generating the PIN and storing it locally until there is a balance in the wallet. Only after that, I would like to ask the user to set the pin, and that would require me to change the already set value of the PIN.