Help Needed with Transfer Using Gas Station


I am trying to make transfers from vault accounts to an omnibus account using the Gas Station. The Gas Station is enabled, and I have created a Gas Station account and the relevant wallets. All Vault Accounts have autoFuel set to true.I also followed the instructions for TAP policy.

However,it looks like my transfers are not using the Gas Station to cover the fees. I am currently getting this issue:

Can someone please help me understand what I need to do to make sure the transfers use the Gas Station?

Thank you!

Hi @Adriatik could you please share the txid of that screenshot you shared?
I am unable to find any recent transactions in the Adriatik - Adriatik Nikqi workspace


Sure, here it is: e133e443-59ee-4276-903a-69013e60d8cd.

I just wanted to know if everything is OK with the configuration of the Gas Station and how I can make sure that the Gas Station is being used to cover the fee.
Thank you!

Hi @Adriatik i see this is a transaction in a testnet env and not the sandbox env.

Please use this form to raise a ticket and one of my Support team members will get back to you.

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@Adriatik i see that you have an existing ticket - #167118. Please continue the correspondence with my colleague in that ticket.