Gas Station not working on Sandbox

Hey guys, We’re having trouble trying to create Algo USDC Asset to one of our clients vault account through sandbox even when the vault was created with the autoFuel param as true and we can see sufficient balance ( 39,993 ) in the Algorand Test address listed on the Gas Station Wallet option in our workspace, everytime we try to create the asset we get a message saying: Insufficient funds for ALGO_USDC_2V6G wallet creation in the base asset ALGO_TEST wallet

Hello @itNeomoon ALGO is not an asset that is supported in the gas station, you can see all supported assets

A workaround is to implement an automatic solution using our API,
Keep in mind that the Algorand blockchain has a constraint that requires the wallet to have at least 0.1 ALGO and an extra 0.1 ALGO for each token the wallet holds, so if the wallet has 50 USDT and 12 USDC tokens, then the minimum amount of ALGO that the account must hold is 0.3, also to support transactions (tokens and native asset) you will have to pay fees with ALGO so you will have to top up the wallet with ALGO to support any transactions.

Please refer to our developer docs to learn more about our API features and how you can implement your own Algo top-up mechanism.

Hi guyas, We thought it was supported in the gas station because the address is listed in our workspace on the gas station section as shown in the image below

Hey guys please can you help us enabling the gas station with all the supported assets on our sandbox’s workspace because we can’t submit a ticket. We’ve been following the instructions from the documentation but the link send us to login page and two factor verification then after we successfully complete the information we get a message telling us that we’ve been verified and then the page reloads and send us back to login:

Hello @itNeomoon the reason you were unable to access that help center article is because it is only viewable to customers with a mainnet/testnet workspace, not sandbox only. I have checked internally and we do not support Algo with gas station.

The Fireblocks Gas Station service automates fueling vault accounts with the base asset required for token transaction fees on EVM-based networks such as Ethereum, BSC, and others. This eliminates monitoring and manually transferring funds to these vault accounts to cover future transaction fees.

Hey guys, for what we understand we need the mainnet workspace enabled to access the article, and sandbox and testnet are the same workspace, is that so?
Can you please enable our workspace’s gas station for Polygon, Avalanche and BSC?

@itNeomoon Hello Sandbox and testnest are not the same,

A Mainnet workspace is an environment that allows you and your organization to conduct your real-world financial operations on the Fireblocks platform.

A testnet workspace is a test environment that only allows you to use testnet assets for integration and testing purposes.

The Fireblocks Developer Sandbox is a unique workspace built specifically for developers to get started using Fireblocks APIs and SDKs quickly.

I am looking into whether we need to enable gas stations for those assets you listed, are you able to enable autofuel in your vault? I see in your screenshot you have the Gas station wallet with the respective test assets.