Failed to add asset wallet for HBAR_TEST, all others work

Hello, I am trying to create an HBAR_TEST wallet for the ‘default’ account using the sandbox UI. The operation fails with the “Failed to add asset wallet.” message (see the screenshot below). I tried others: XRP_TEST, ETH_TEST5, LUNA_TEST - all successfully created (see the screenshot in the next message below). Is there any special that needs to be done to create HBAR_TEST wallets?

@mnamakwala if you could please take a look at the ^^^ it’d be much appreciated. I suspect it might have something to do with the Hedera testnet reset, but it has been cancelled for this quarter (was previously scheduled for the 25th of April). Please can this be fixed?

The Hedera sustainability community, and users have attempted to add support to Hedera open source solutions since September of 2022. Fireblocks responses have taken a very long time ticket to ticket, sometimes 2 weeks, we are politely requesting an immediate response as it effects our releases. FireBlocks Raw Signing Integration · Issue #1314 · hashgraph/guardian · GitHub

Hi Andrew,
The HBAR_TEST currently does not work.
You are right. We have a reset scheduled for 25th April.
Thank you for your continued patience

Hello @mnamakwala , thank you for your response. As you know the rest on the 25th of April has been cancelled. Also the date (25th) has now passed but I checked today: HBAR_TEST wallet still does not work. Please advise.

Please respond, a non-response tells us this should be deprioritized from our roadmap

Hi Guys, I will check with our team and see what the new ETA is.
Thank you

Also the API can take up to 5 seconds to respond. Is this normal?

Hi, can you please specify which endpoint it is?

The delay issue was originally discussed here: Longer transactions don't get signed - #10 by mnamakwala (see comments towards the end of the thread). As suggested we converted our code to webhooks (vs the original polling design), however this did not substantially changed the delay periods.

Hello again @mnamakwala, just a note that HBAR_TEST wallets still can’t be created. Any ETA on when this is fixed please?

Hey Andrew, we do not have any ETA at the moment.
Our team is working on it, and we should have an update soon.

Hi, team; the issue is fixed.
You should be able to create HBAR_TEST wallets.
Thank you for your continued patience.

Hello @mnamakwala , I have tested it yesterday - it worked for me. Thank you for letting me know.