Contract call (burn) on solana spl token

Hi, I have a solana token added to my workspace and I would like to be able to call the burn action on it from one of the vaults.
For EVM blockchains this can be easily done by

  • using create_transaction endpoint
  • or using the fireblocks sdk to get an FireblocksWeb3Provider that is able to sign the burn action.

However seems to me that to interact with solana asset in fireblocks vaults/wallet my only option is to use the API. Crucially, seems like burn/contract_call transactions are not supported for SOLANA asset.

How can I solve this?
All I want is for an asset SOL_TOKEN on vault v to be able to call the burn action.

Alternatively I could call the burn action myself if there was a way to get the key of the SOL_TOKEN wallet in v. Is there a way for me to get this key and submit the action to the solana blockchain myself?

Hey @davide.spataro!

Today we do not support native Contract Calls (Program calls) on Solana.
We are working on supporting that in Q2.

As of now, you can serialize the call on your side and use our RAW signing API for signing this transaction. It will require you to broadcast it by yourself.

RAW signing docs

Also, I am working on a Solana web3.js wrapper for Fireblocks that might help you in this area and the very early Alpha version should be done in a few weeks.

We can of course jump on a quick call and I can guide you through the RAW signing part.


thanks a lot for the info.
I will have a look at raw signing, but I would also really appreciate if we can jump in a call and you could show me how to use this feature. I am sure it saves me quite a bit of time.
How can we arrange it?

I have some time today at 3:30PM CET or alternatively you can use the link below to find some time:

Today 3.30 CET works.

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +49 40 8081616010 and enter this PIN: 407 640 978#
To view more phone numbers, click this link: