Contract Calls (Program calls) on Solana

Hi - We’re interested in performing Solana base program calls (mint/burn/freeze/etc.) using the SPL2020 program. In another thread @SlavaSereb mentioned RAW signing is an option, and there was also ongoing effort to offer this natively or use a Solana web3.js wrapper within a Fireblocks vault/address.

Could you please how we’re able to manage a SPL tokens through a Fireblocks vault/address?

We’ve already used similar functionality for EVM tokens, and are researching how to perform this through Fireblocks with SPL tokens as well.

Thank you

Hey @Rob,

Although we have scheduled a meeting on the topic - I do want to update the post here for other users reference.

Fireblocks does support SPL token natively in the console, which means that you can create wallets for SPL tokens and transfer these in and out.

Contract Calls are not natively supported yet and are planned to be added by the end of Q2.

Today Fireblocks clients can use the RAW signing feature to sign any non natively supported operation on Solana (or any other supported blockchain).

More info on Raw signing can be found here - Raw Message Signing Overview

For Solana specifically - we are working on a web3.js wrapper that utilizes Raw signing (and will utilize “contract call” api once supported) and it’s currently in early development stages. We’ll publish this once it is available which should happen in a few weeks.