Calling FireblocksNCW.takeover() returns "Fireblocks API returned an error: End user takeover not allowed"

we are testing NCW with a local backend and frontend according to Quickstart. Everything works up to doing a transaction, now we are testing the takeover() function where we get returned the following error: “Fireblocks API returned an error: End user takeover not allowed”. I cannot find documentation or code for FireblocksNCW. Is there any available or is it known how to solve this error?


Hi Jarl,
Mohammed from support here.
We need to enable it for the tenant.
Then the take over would work.

Hi Mohammed,
thanks for your reply, is that something you can arrange for us (in our sandbox)? so we can test …

Hey, jarl.
It has been enabled now. Please check

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Hey Mohammed,
it works now, great!
thanks :slight_smile: