Api: add asset to account error "Access denied for user 'ncw_service_2'@'' (using password: YES)",

i called api add asset to account in NCW sandbox and the system returned : {
“message”: “Access denied for user ‘ncw_service_2’@‘’ (using password: YES)”,
Did i skip any steps?
Apikey: 08b4aec5-3bdc-458a-9567-711213f55281
Workspace name: Sotatek - Will Tran

Hi @cuongnh our R&D team identified an issue which has since resolved itself. we are monitoring. in the meantime, could you also retry the API call you made and see if you are encountering the same “ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERROR”?

I would also like to advise you to not share your full API key in the community forums, just the workspace name and first 4 characters will do.

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Hi @Wilfred , It seems that the issue has not been resolved. I tried again, but the same error occurred

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thanks for the update @cuongnh. i will follow-up with our R&D team to investigate further!