Unauthorized: Missing api key, Error Code: -2

I’m consistently receiving the above error (api key missing in jwt) while following the Postman guide to create my first request. I did use RSA-2048 encryption cipher, not the recommended RSA-4096 however, to generate the keypair for my api user - and I’m wondering if that’s the cause.

Hi @zliu

Alec from Fireblocks Support here. Could you please provide the name of your workspace and the first 4 digits of the API key you are using so I can take a closer look at this?

hi @alec my workspace name is and the API key’s first 4 characters are 19f0

Since this is a testnet workspace on Fireblocks’ Production environment, please open a support request here: https://support.fireblocks.io/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Currently, we are only using this forum to support our trial Sandbox environment. Thanks!

ok thanks anyways, I’m wondering if it would benefit my org to sign up for a sandbox account instead?

Most likely it would not, as the Sandbox workspace has fewer capabilities than the API Test workspace you already have. If you want one anyways, you can choose “Sign Up for A Developer Sandbox” here to fill out the form, and our Developer Experience team will review your request.