I get { "message": "Unauthorized: Token was not accepted.", "code": -7}

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to connect to the API through python using the supplied documentation, particularly I’m using the python request code provided. I’ve created both the api key on the developer console, and the private key using the tutorial from the documentation. Even though I got a warning message, the private key was created successfully as you can see on the screenshot below:


Then using the API key and the private key I ran the python request code and was not able to get a response from the API, I allways get this error message:

{ “message”: “Unauthorized: Token was not accepted.”, “code”: -7}

Can you please help me on this issue?


Hello @QuantMQ

  • If you’re using a native REST implementation, check your JWT creation logic to ensure the correct API key is specified and that all fields in the JWT are provided according to our JWT specifications.
  • If you confirm the API key and JWT are correct, verify the correct base URL is used. The base URL should be https://sandbox-api.fireblocks.io/v1