Unable to create and sign a transaction

After establishing the fireBlock connection, not able to create transaction, throwing error of statuscode 405 “method not allowed”

Hey @sarthak.saxena,

I noticed that you are creating a fireblocksConfig object with an apiBaseUrl that is not Fireblocks API base URL.

If you are working in the Sandbox environment, you should set it to ApiBaseUrl.Sandbox while the import of ApiBaseUrl is from ./src/types.
That’s the issue for the error you’re experiencing.

Also, if you are working with the Sandbox environment, you should set the devnet flag, in the fireblocksConfig object, to true as Sandbox supports only Solana Devnet and not mainnet.

And lastly, the endpoint URL that you provide to the static create factory method of the FireblocksConnectionAdapter class, should be also a devnet URL if working in Sandbox.

Hope it sheds some light on the issue - lmk if you have any further questions.