Unable to complete sign-up process for Sandbox

I’ve registered a sandbox account via this link and accepted agreement already, but I haven’t receive any follow-up activation email to set up password. Please advise on the next steps.


The registration requires a business email, Did you use a business email and not .gmail.com, .yahoo.com etc?

Hi @Sagar
yes. i did use a business email: qqwang@wearehackerone.com

still unable to register today as no any activation email received after accepting agreement. please assist

hey @qqwang any chance you tried to register previously with a different email?

Initially, I registered using qqwang@wearehackerone.com but didn’t receive the activation email. Then, I tried again with qqwang+1@wearehackerone.com and qqwang+2@wearehackerone.com, but didn’t receive any activation emails either after accepting agreement.


Just circling back to see if you were still encountering this issue.