Resolve addresses to known destinations (vault asset accounts, whitelisted wallets, etc.)


I’m trying to find a way to create a transaction with POST /transactions API request in a way that will result in the mobile app resolving the destination address(es) to known vault accounts/external wallets/internal wallets, instead of displaying “Unknown address” or “One-time address”.

I know I can use endpoints like:

  • GET /external_wallets
  • GET /internal_wallets
  • GET /vault/accounts_paged, etc.

to get all whitelisted/known addresses in the workspace and then match my lookup address to a specific destination type, e.g. { type: 'EXTERNAL_WALLET', id: 'abcd-1234' }.

But this is suboptimal, as it requires me to do a bunch of other requests before I create the transaction itself.

So, is there a way to provide a plain address and have Fireblocks resolve it to a known destination? (as long as it really is a known address, of course)


Hi @meeh0w

Alec from Fireblocks Support here. One-time addresses will automatically be matched to whitelisted wallets if they exist, and this will be reflected on the mobile app during signing. The same is not true for vault accounts. The most efficient way to do this for vault accounts would be to maintain a client-side mapping of addresses to vault accounts, so that you can quickly resolve the OTA to a vault account ID and submit the transaction that way.