Needs information related to assetId and asset symbol

  1. What is the difference between BASECHAIN_ETH and ETH assteIds? Are they different assetIds/tokens or can both be considered one token? Do we have any API to get the mapping between both?

I exported my transaction history CSV from the Fireblocks portal and I can see 2 columns (‘Asset’ and “Asset Symbol”). May I know what is the difference between both of them? Also, I am not getting the ‘Asset Symbol’ fields in the transaction history API (GET /transactions) response.

  1. I did one transaction from Fireblocks (Fireblocks TxId : 3468832d-87da-461d-8920-69f7611f85b7) with assetId (TRX_USDT_S2UZ) and txnHash (19e608535b167e89ca1eb4a6d82838aaeb0f6c878ba6c071efe11c1cba803559).

Once I looked on the Tronscan explorer (TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器) corresponding to this transaction hash, I saw one token transfer for 0.004133 USDT
but the fireblocks transaction history API (GET /transactions) retuning only assetId (TRX_USDT_S2UZ), not the actual transferred token (i.e. USDT). Where can I get this information or mapping between assetId and asset symbol?

Transaction screenshot from the Fireblocks exported CSV-

Tronscan Explorer screenshot -

Hi @ramangarg

Alec from Fireblocks here. Each asset supported by Fireblocks has a unique asset ID. Each asset also has a display symbol, which is not unique. For instance, for ETH on Base chain, the ID is BASECHAIN_ETH and the symbol is ETH. For ETH on Ethereum mainnet, the ID is ETH and the symbol is ETH. When creating a transaction through Fireblocks, there is no need to specify a chain identifier for assets on multiple chains, you just need to know the unique ID of each asset.

You can retrieve all the identifiers for assets supported on your workspace with this endpoint: List all asset types supported by Fireblocks

Hi @alec,

Thanks for providing the information.

Still, Is there any way/API to get the mapping between assetId and symbol? The API to fetch the list of all supported asset types doesn’t contain the mapping between Fireblocks assetId and Symbol.

Please let me know of any questions.