NCW js sdk in expo/RN

Is the ncw js sdk not supported in react native? I’m getting:

ReferenceError: Property 'document' doesn't exist, js engine: hermes

Implying that the sdk is trying to use document, why is this? isn’t the sdk supposed to just handle js logic? why is it trying to access the DOM?

Are there any workarounds for using the sdks in react native?

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Hey @roberthq thanks for your questions. I’m checking with the team internally and come back to you with updates.

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Hello @roberthq I have followed up with my team and Fireblocks ncw js SDK currently does not support React Native, but we by the end of this Q1, we will come out with React Native Support.

We still have an iOS Swift SDK and fully functioning NCW demo written in Swift, also and android example written in Kotlin GitHub - fireblocks/android-ncw-demo

There is still plenty more you can do with the ncw-js-sdk without using react!


Hi, Mohammed
Do you have any updates ? about RN support?

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Hello @tigermax139 we are still on track for releasing the React Native support at the end of this month!

Any updates? Will it really be added this month?

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Any updates? Wwill it really be added this month?

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Hey @slavaseres , apologies for the delayed response.
We are on track to add React Native in the upcoming weeks. Watch out for additional updates next week. Thanks!

@roberthq @tigermax139

Hey, we’ve released an initial version for RN Android/iOS, here: @fireblocks/react-native-ncw-sdk - npm

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with it.

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Also tagging @acn @slavaseres

Good news, thanks for the heads-up