Source code for NCW Client SDK

Are there any plans to release the source code for the ncw-js-sdk? It’s difficult to debug issues in the client without being able to follow the codepaths through the library.

I’m currently encountering an issue where an unhandled rejection is being thrown, but my calls to the library are properly wrapped to catch exceptions. Without access to the code I can’t dig further and try to suggest specific improvements to the library. :grin:

Hi @tomludo would you be able to share the unhandled rejection that is being thrown?

Perhaps you can refer to this list of js-sdk errors as well - JavaScript SDK Errors

My primary question relates to source code availability for the ncw-js-sdk library - are there any plans to release the source code on GitHub etc.? Beyond debugging it is important to make it available such as for auditing and visibility. For example, a new version 12.0.1 was released a few days ago but there is no information regarding the changes included.

Regarding one of the specific issues I am facing, when the secureStorageProvider calls my get method I want to be able to throw an error or return null. if I try to do either of these an error is thrown but I am unable to catch it from the original call to signTransaction.

Any update from the team regarding this?

Hey @tomludo ,
Alon From Fireblocks here.
Unfortunately, we will not release the source code of NCW JS SDK.
Regarding version 12.0.1, thanks for bringing it up, we will surely add release notes about it for that version.

Regarding the unhandled exception, could you please share some details from your code in your secureStorageProvider implementation? For instance, are you using the built-in BrowserLocalStorageProvider that is part of the SDK?

Thanks for the information so far