Message: 'Unauthorized: Token signed for incorrect url., code : -4 while registering new asset

await this.fireblocksSDK.registerNewAsset(this.configService.get(“TOKEN_MINT_ADDRESS”), “Solana”);


Hi @sarthak.saxena–this is the error received when Fireblocks fails to authenticate the request due to an invalid JWT. More specifically, when the URI specified in the JWT message does not match the URI being called. Can you please double-check how you are generating your JWT, and ensure the URI field is being set according to the endpoint being called?

You can find more information on this Help Center page: Signing a Request (JWT Structure).

Hey @sarthak.saxena,

Just to add on top of what @yoji mentioned:

Can you share how you implemented your Auth provider?
And also, what would be the reason for creating your own Auth provider and not using the SDK’s default one?