Is there any API to get the user information with 'Viewer' role

Does Fireblocks provide any API/endpoint to fetch the user information along with the assigned role? I know there are a couple of APIs to fetch the user’s information and it requires ADMIN privilege to hit the API. However, I am looking to get user information with the ‘Viewer’ role.

Hey @ramangarg,

We do provide an API endpoint to get all the users in the workspace with their details (List users) but it’s limited to an ADMIN or NON_SIGNING_ADMIN role as only admins in the workspace can view users details.

Thanks for the update…

I was analyzing the transaction history API (GET response and trying to understand how I can come to know which transaction is DEBIT or CREDIT. I can see there is a source and destination objects, but not able to understand how I can figure out the direction of the transaction, either BUY or SELL.

Hello Raman,

Sagar from Fireblocks here, I would like to encourage you to open new posts for separate/unrelated topic going forward so we can close out the original posts.

To answer your question: You may want to look at Transaction Sources & Destinations

The DEBIT would be anything that has a source as VAULT_ACCOUNT.

Thanks, Sagar for the quick response. I will create a separate topic for future concerns.

In the below screenshot, I can see both source and destination have the type ‘VAULT_ACCOUNT’. How I can conclude this particular transaction is DEBIT/CREDIT ?