Fireblocks wallet

I am new to fireblocks and have a query. Can i do transaction using whitelisted address.
Thanks In Advance.

yes, it is supported.
you can get more information here
Fireblocks Key Features & Capabilities.

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Hii alinder thanks for your reply, can you please provide solution. I checked out the link you provided, there is solution that how i can whitelist an address but nothing related to transaction using whitelist address. And second thing how would i be able to perform transaction using whitelisted address as they fireblocks doesn’t takes api key and secret key during whitelisting an address or whitelisted addresses are just deposit my assest but can’t transafer using fireblocks workspace or api.

Hey @annonymous_soul sorry for the misunderstanding here. Fireblocks doesn’t support importing private keys that were created out of our system. This is a security based decision that we put in place in order to remove the potential private key exposing risk.

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Thank you so much sir.