API returns "The request is with a future issuance timestamp (iat)" error

I’m trying to sign a raw transaction. I’m using the Python SDK within the Sandbox environment. I’m testing it locally and my system clock is synchronized with the local hour. I tried using typed signature, but it seems that none of the test assets can perform this kind of signature. Then I started using RAW. Furthermore, it seems that none of the MATIC assets works…

How can I fix this?

Hi @ECunha

Alec from Fireblocks Support here. I checked on our side, and it looks like the iat timestamp you are passing is roughly 22 seconds ahead of what it should be. If you have already made your best effort to synchronize your system clock, I would recommend navigating to the sdk_token_provider.py file and modifying this link in sign_jwt() as such: timestamp_secs = math.floor(timestamp) - 23