API returns 401 after changing firebase config

Hi there,
I’m using the dockerized demo to run the fireblocks app. Everything was working properly, I could create wallets, transactions, etc. However, after changing the firebaseConfig on FirebaseAppProvider, with information about my Firebase project, I can no longer make requests because it gives me a 401 (Unauthorized) message. The only thing I can do is log in.
Other than the change to the firebaseConfig, I also changed these variables on the env.txt:

# Auth (Firebase demo example)

I just replaced the fireblocks-sdk-demo with ncw-demo-ccf1c, which is the name of the Firebase project I created.

Am I missing some additional steps that make it so the API doesn’t authorize my requests to it?

Hello Marcio, can you confirm that ncw-demo-ccf1c is your project ID, not the project name?

The project name in Firebase is different than the project ID.

Also, some things to consider: you will need this Fireblocks NCW Admin API key and NCW Signer API key which you can get from your sandbox workspace. Two more things are your Fireblocks secret key(which is obtainable when you create an NCW Admin) and The webhooks public key which is found here Webhook Configuration

Please update me on this issue when you get a chance.

Fireblocks Technical Support | Americas

Hi Marcio,
Can you please confirm if you pasted the project name or project ID?
We need to put the project ID and not the project name in the config file.
Please put in the project ID and try again.


Yes, ncw-demo-ccf1c is the Firebase’s project ID. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I have configured the Fireblocks API variables on the env.txt file and configured the Webhook. As I said, everything worked before changing the ISSUER and AUDIENCE variables on the env.txt file, even the webhook notifications. But now, I can only log in, and when the app tries to send the POST request to assign a deviceID it gives off the 401 (Unauthorized) message.

Can you please click on clear storage and proceed with the deletion.
Please click on generate new device id and start from scratch.

Unfortunately, I can’t. The button “Clear storage” does not appear. Only those two cards, shown in the image above, are visible.

Can you sign in with another user which is different than the one you are using currently.
Does generating a new device id button work?
Also can you please build docker again by running docker-compose up and use a different user.