What is this Api secret

Can anyone explain what is this api secret and where do I get that
const apiSecret = getEnvOrThrow(“FIREBLOCKS_API_SECRET”).replace(/\n/g, “\n”);

const apiKeyCmc = getEnvOrThrow(“CMC_PRO_API_KEY”);

const apiKeyNcwSigner = getEnvOrThrow(“FIREBLOCKS_API_KEY_NCW_SIGNER”);

const apiKeyNcwAdmin = getEnvOrThrow(“FIREBLOCKS_API_KEY_NCW_ADMIN”);

const apiBase = process.env.FIREBLOCKS_API_BASE_URL;

Hi Vivek,
The fireblocks secret is the private key material generated while creating the CSR file which is needed to create API users.


The secret key is used to authenticate the API users.