Inquiry Regarding Token Swapping Functionality

I’m exploring options to integrate token swapping into our platform using Fireblocks. Does Fireblocks offer APIs for token swapping functionality similar to Metamask for non-blockchain users? If so, could you provide details or guidance on integration?

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,
Rabin Mishra

Hi @Robin thank you for your question! We are currently working on a token swapping feature that we will share more about when it’s ready!

Hi @Wilfred
Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate the update.

Actually, the integration of token swapping functionality with Fireblocks for non-blockchain users is important for our current project. Could you please provide an estimated timeline for when this feature might be available, or if there are any alternative solutions we could explore in the meantime?

Looking forward to your guidance.

Best regards,
Rabin Mishra

Hi @Robin unfortunately there are no alternative solutions at the moment. I understand the importance of token swapping to your current project. I would advise getting in touch with your CSM if you’re an existing customer with Fireblocks.

Hi @Wilfred ,
I’m currently encountering an issue while attempting to connect my Fireblocks account via WalletConnect. I keep receiving a “something went wrong” error and I’m unable to access the Fireblocks console.

Just to clarify, I’m currently using a sandbox account. Could you please confirm if testing with a sandbox account is supported for this feature, or do I need a live account to proceed?

Hi @Robin yes you will need a production account to proceed as Sandbox environments do not have access to the Fireblocks app.