Idempotency-Key Not Preventing Duplicate Account Creation on /v1/vault/accounts Endpoint

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding idempotent behavior. Here’s my issue: I’m attempting to create a new account by sending a POST request to the /v1/vault/accounts endpoint with the following details:


Idempotency-Key: test

“name”: “test”,
“customerRefId”: “test”,
“hiddenOnUI”: false,
“autoFuel”: false

The account is successfully created, but when I execute the same request a second time, I expected to receive information about the previously created account. However, a new account is being created instead.

Hello, could you share the curl request? I was able to test this successfully just now in the sandbox. Below an example -

curl --location ‘
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–header ‘Accept: /
–header ‘Idempotency-Key: userUniqueWallet12’
–header ‘X-API-Key: ’
–data ‘{
“name”: “UUID or other”,
“hiddenOnUI”: false,
“customerRefId”: “myVault1”,
“autoFuel”: false

mdale, thank you for your response. The issue stemmed from a typo in the header key, which was an oversight on my part. I apologize for any inconvenience, the problem has been resolved.

No problem at all, glad to hear you were able to resolve it.