How to Enable Sandbox Environment

can any one help how to enable the Sandbox Environment ?

Hi @kiran290 you can sign up for a sandbox environment via this URL - Developer Sandbox Sign Up - Fireblocks

Hi Wilfred,

Thanks for Reply, I have already Live Account, Do i need to Sign up Again ?

Hello Kiran,

What do you mean by Live Account? Do you mean Mainnet Account? I do not see your email address associated with any Mainnet workspaces in Fireblocks.

Here is the difference between the environments:

Please review it and confirm which workspace you need Testnet or Sandbox. If it is Testnet, You must approach your CSM/AM. If you need Sandbox, Use the sign-up link provided by Wilfred above.

I will archive the duplicate community post: Need to Enable Sandbox for Existing Live Account?

I have an Account with a different Email Sagar, it is Mainnet, and the Developer needs Sand box environment now I need to create another do we have any other provision to enable it?

Yes, you will need to sign-up again for Developer Sandbox here: Developer Sandbox Sign Up - Fireblocks