Detail about typed message siging on the same message

Hi guys,

When signing the same typed message, it happens that only the first time it requires approval.
Is there any TAP rule for typed message that could make the approval happen each time signing on the same message?
Is there any cache for the same message signing? What about the expiration period that it would ask approval again?


Hello @peterp

Fireblocks provides a specific TAP operation for Typed Messages and you can have TAP rules for specific contract call methods using the Contract call operation type in TAP editor

If you want to use a DeFi app that requires signing in one of the Typed Message formats (ETH_MESSAGE or EIP712), you must either create a Typed message type TAP rule using TAP Editor that enables Typed messages for that smart contract or create contract call rules and toggle Applies for Typed messages on in them.

I am not sure if there cache for the same message signing, but I believe you can get events for signing from Typed Messages.

The expiration period for approval is 48h

Hello @peterp can you please send over the transaction ID,

I have checked internally, and there is signature caching, and with your tx Id, I will be able to check logs.


Here are 2 transactions for typed message signing, please help to check. signing on the same message

BTW, is there any TAP rule to remove this cache?

Thank you, can you please retry and see if you see a signature request?

Yup, both 2 message signing required approval.
@Mohammed What have you guys changed? The following signing are all require approval